to JA-Gastechnology, the turn key specialist for span gas supply systems and automized gas management systems in the automotive sector.

Our internet site will inform you about our technology and products in connection with calibrationgassystems for low emission measurement in the automotive R+D area.


JAG supplies and installs modern turn key span gas supply systems with components especially designed for exhaust gas measuring.

With a closed system concept we are able to fullfill all requirements on EURO 5-6 and ULEV-SULEV in the automotiv industries.

Other product highlights are gasgenerators, gastrolleys, nitrogen-firefightingsystems, gas supply units for analyser benches and our barecode controlled gas management system "Gasmonitoring" for the analytical requirments in the exhaust measurement industrie

CNG and Hydrogen Applications 700bar technology

JAG intensifies response to requirements concerning test systems and test bench applications for CNG and hydrogen gas applications in the automotive industry.

Therefor we offer:

- Test systems for long-term und intervalic tests of devices and pipework 350/700bar

- Container modules for CNG/H2 supply of test beds incl. safety concept
- Gas monitoring systems / Explosion protection for application


JAG takes an active part in the working committee high purity gases in the VDMA in a unit leaflet 4390 part 1 and 2 to set further standards in the high purity gas industry in the future.


Hydrogen supply for fuel cell applications

For Fuel Cell applications on test benches JAG suppliers full concepts for Hydrogen and Nitrogen supply including safety functions.

Please ask us for individual support.

Synthetic gas reaktor conepts

JAG offers turn key solutions for catalysator testing and aging processes. With our new partner ProRec Berlin we are able to deliver the reactor system as well.

More informations will follow.

PEMS Gassupply Modul

3off gascylinders can be directly connected inside the unit for save and leakfree usage.

The modul is nice to use for outdoor requirements.

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