Synthetic gas applikation

JAG develops customized synthetic gas test rigs for experimental investigations of automotive exhaust catalysts. The test units are used to measure catalyst performance – activity, storage capacity and deactivation behavior – by dosing a synthetic model exhaust gas mixture over a cored filter or monolith sample. JAG offer specifically optimized test benches for the following applications:

– Synthetic gas benches for research & development of relevant catalyst systems (TWC, SCR, LNT, DOC, cDPF, GPF, ASC, etc.)

– Test rigs with focus on high sample turnover for quality control of automotive catalysts

– Aging units for exhaust aftertreatment catalysts (both for monolith cores as well as complete catalysts)

Both steady-state as well as highly dynamic operation modes can be carried out. Extremely demanding applications with respect to heating and cooling rates can be realized with our specially developed furnace/reactor systems. Combined with controlled changes of feed concentrations, this can be used to replicate relevant driving cycles.

Together with our coope­ration partner PROREC GmbH, we offer modular & highly integrated test systems which provide complete solutions for our customers’ requirements. We integrate necessary gas storage & supply systems as well as complex exhaust analytics right from the start to deliver true turnkey solutions. In addition, we specialize in container-based testing modules. These offer our customer safety benefits as well as independence from existing local infrastructure.