Systemautomation Concept

Gasmonitoring is an automatization concept for the main functions of a calibration gas supply system, including automatic statistical analysis. The system will also manage the supply and consumption of calibration gas.

The functions of Gasmonitoring:

– Sensor-control of cylinder, pipe and extraction pressures in the system
– Gas failure signal for each gas line individually with free choice of pressure range
– Email ordering process coupled to the gas failure signal
– Automatic purging processes for cylinder changing and system
– Gas consumption measurement via pressure loss calculation and statistical evaluation over 1 – 12 months
– Operation switch and emergency shut-down functions in case of malfunctions
– Automatic leakproof test and leak signal in the gas supply system
– Permanent control via intranet and internet
– Protocolling of occurrences and values in logfile
– Remote-controlled maintenance-/Diagnosis online by service technician
– Language switch German / English

Gasmo App:
JAG also offers the substantial functions via an iOS-App.